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Beechwood Biological Solutions

What we do…

Soil improvement products. 

Soil Trooper is a pure source of the native soil fungus Nigrospora oryzae

Used as a soil ameliorant, Soil Trooper assists with the breakdown of organic material on the soil’s surface, and helps to store organic carbon in the soil where it is needed.

Compost tea making equipment.
We supply 450 micron mesh bags that are just perfect for brewing compost tea. We’re also very experienced at building low cost compost tea brewers in a size to suit your requirements. Talk to us about it.

Farmer-friendly microscopes, suitable for assessing compost teas and identifying soil microorganisms. Let us know if you can get a better price on microscopes like these! We also have some spare parts and quality replacement objectives and lenses for this style of microscope. The 60x objective and 15x lens combine to give great magnification without the need for that messy immersion oil. Contact us if you’re looking for a part, we just might have it.