Terms and Conditions

Soil Trooper  – Nigrospora oryzae, being a beneficial saprophytic soil micro-organism, is sold only as a soil ameliorant.

The purchaser acknowledges that Soil Trooper Nigrospora oryzae is not a herbicide and that Beechwood Biological Solutions makes no claims that Soil Trooper is anything but a source of Nigrospora oryzae.

The purchaser acknowledges that Beechwood Biological Solutions has no control over the handling and storage of this product by the purchaser and accordingly takes no responsibility for the use, or misuse, of this product.

Beechwood Biological Solutions hereby disclaims responsibility for any loss or damage whatsoever arising from the use, or misuse, of this product.

All sales are final.

If you have any problem with the product, please contact us so that we can attempt to help.